Rock River Valley graduates learn it’s tougher to leave home

Amy Correnti |

So far, this is just another summer for Ellen Guirl. She’s working part time at Village Green, she’s helping her mother in the garden, she’s doing odd jobs for neighbors and her grandmother.

In August, however, it will be different. This year, she won’t go back to Urbana-Champaign and prepare for the fall semester. Instead, she’ll be living at home, college degree in hand and — unless serendipity strikes on the employment front — a job nowhere on the horizon. Read more.

Experts agree: How you dress is tied to job fair success

The right clothes may not get you a job, but they can lose you one.

Choosing what to wear for a job interview or job fair can vex even the most experienced professional, but representatives from area employment agencies say the best thing to do is find a happy medium between comfort and the company’s expectations for its employees. Read more.