A Farewell to Two Business Visionaries

Paul Kleindorfer (left) and Paul Green

The Wharton School lost two of its most talented and respected faculty members this year, individuals whose accomplishments shaped the future of their respective disciplines.

Emeritus professors Paul Kleindorfer and Paul Green died near the beginning of the academic year — Kleindorfer on August 24 and Green on September 21. Read more.

From a Latte to a Life: ‘The Price of Everything’



The bulk of Porter’s book is dedicated to more existential matters — faith, “free,” happiness, the future culture — areas that, despite the ideals of purists, are no less subject to market forces than the device on which you read this review. Every examination isn’t equally enlightening, but Porter is at his best when the subject is at its farthest from the traditional realm of economics. Read more.