Mastering MOOCs

Mastering MOOCs: Using Open Online Courses to Achieve Your Goals. 


Learn how business professionals are using MOOCs to further their careers and help their companies and teams succeedPurchase here. 

(Note: I am a contributor to this ebook, part of Knowledge@Wharton’s original ebook series.)

Cheaters … Win? Why Systems to Prevent Deception Don’t Work

Swiping office supplies from work. Jumping the turnstile to get a free ride on the subway. Stealing a car and taking it for a joyride. All of these are clearly unethical behaviors that should evoke a negative emotional response after the event — if the mere promise of feeling guilt or remorse doesn’t stop the individual from doing it in the first place.

That’s the conventional wisdom based on current psychological research. But Wharton professor Maurice E. Schweitzer found quite the opposite in a recent research study. Read more.

As Crowdfunding Grows, the Rewards Increase – but So Do the Risks

The campaign to front a movie based on the cult television show “Veronica Mars” through crowdfunding broke records for the fastest project ever to raise $1 million on Kickstarter. It was the website’s biggest film project so far, and it has the most backers of any project to date.

What it probably didn’t do, Wharton experts say, is throw open the doors of crowdfunding to major motion pictures. But that’s OK: Crowdfunding is successfully helping entrepreneurs raise capital without the need for them to go Hollywood. Read more.

Research Roundup: The Financial Impact of Social Impact

If a tree grows in Brooklyn — or Philadelphia, Chicago or any urban landscape — it does more than just provide shade in the summer and pretty colors in the fall. According to research by Wharton real estate professor Susan M. Wachter, it can bump up the price of a home by 10%. Read more. (Third item)

Why Being the Last Interview of the Day Could Crush Your Chances

Sorry, grad school applicants. According to new Wharton research, not only must prospective students or job seekers compete against a crowded field of equally appealing candidates, but they also must shine when compared to the randomly selected cluster of applicants who have interviews scheduled on the same day. Read more.