What Is Innovation?

Innovation is what drove Naomi Shah to study indoor air quality while a student at Sunset High School in Portland, Ore., work that led her to win the Google Science Fair when she was 16 and become a finalist at the Intel Science Talent Search this spring.The innovation didn’t stop with the accolades. Shah wanted people to start thinking about improving air quality as a way to end respiratory diseases, like asthma, that had ravaged many people in her family. Read more.


Do U Know the Economics of Your Cell Phone?

Keeping track of cell phone calling minutes, texts and data may seem like a lot of work, but it’s a good way to learn how to keep a budget, especially if you’re paying part of your bill. And with 75 percent of kids ages 12 to 17 using their own cell phones, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, plenty of students should try to ace cell phone economics before heading off to college or the working world. Read more.

A Smart Virtual Cart: How to Be a Savvy Online Consumer

When Muncie, Ind., teen Madeline Grosh finds a really cool pair of shoes online, she will send her parents a quick email with a link as a not-so-subtle hint that these would make a superb birthday present.

But before they end up wrapped in shiny paper, mom usually replies: Find a better price. Read more.

Portfolio Managers: The Challenge Is Making More than One Winning Stock Pick

When Scott Bupb started dabbling in the stock market earlier this year, he had a cool $100,000 to play with. Now, he and his fellow stock pickers are a few dollars shy of his initial investment, thanks to a couple of underperforming members of his portfolio. “We invested in some things that were at their 52-week lows, but they kept going down,” he says. “They’re starting to come back up now, so we might start making money soon.” Read more.