Big-Scale Buying and Selling: Dealing in Mergers & Acquisitions

The fast-paced world of mergers and acquisitions is typically left up to Wall Street tycoons and financial wizards, but that didn’t stop 27 high school seniors in New York City from diving into the back stories of billion-dollar deals as a part of their class work. Read more.

Baseball’s Bottom Line: The Money Behind the Game

If you are like most avid baseball fans, you can’t get enough stats: RBIs, batting averages, home runs. So when the sports page headlines start spewing very different kinds of numbers related to cash shortfalls, short-term liquidity issues and debt, it can throw even the most passive fan into a tailspin.Read more

From a Latte to a Life: ‘The Price of Everything’



The bulk of Porter’s book is dedicated to more existential matters — faith, “free,” happiness, the future culture — areas that, despite the ideals of purists, are no less subject to market forces than the device on which you read this review. Every examination isn’t equally enlightening, but Porter is at his best when the subject is at its farthest from the traditional realm of economics. Read more.

Three Entrepreneurs Spend a Summer in Shanghai

In early 2009, Fan Bi, 23, Danny Wong, 19, and Alec Harrison, 24, lived in the Boston area but had never met. By summer 2010, they were sharing a three-room apartment in Shanghai, China, and were co-partners in Blank Label, an online men’s clothing startup that allows customers to create custom dress shirts. Read more.